Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What's It All About?

I think it's obvious what this blog is about, but just in case, here's a little back story.

I went through an unexpected, unwanted divorce several years ago. The ex husband up and decided one day that he was going to move out and away from his family, new home, whole life... and in with his newly found girlfriend. After nearly 15 years and apparently marriage problems that I was blissfully unaware of, he was gone.

I didn't date for a year. Then, I gave it a shot a couple times. Those blog posts are coming, LOL. It was around that time that a good friend of mine told me I should write a book about my experiences... the dates I had were just one funny thing after another. After about a year of that, I enrolled in college and
decided that while working on my degree, I would put all dating aside. No time to invest in any kind of relationship. So the next three years were date-free. I was beyond busy with school and raising my kids.

My middle son always knew that I was not going to do any dating while in school. So, right around the time I graduated, he asked the big question: "Mom, are you going to go on a date now?". Gee, no pressure, son!

I got a job, got on my feet at work, and started back on the dating merry-go-round. (more posts coming!) That's where this blog comes in. I hope you enjoy it, and if anyone has anything to add, feel free! I'm thinking of doing a feature occasionally from readers, so if anyone has any stories, I'll be putting up a link where you can email them to me.

I'm working on penning the first story now...

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